Cradle of Hindu temple Architecture, Chalukya Dynasty

Badami was not at all in my "must-go-places". So I had not shown much interest to know about this place before I reach there. That's the big mistake one can ever do with these world heritage sites.

Badami is in Bagalkot district, Karnataka. Though its a major tourist spot in North Karnataka, not well connected with cities. Few foreigners and tourists from near-by places were seen.

Its the capital of Chalukya Dynasty and well-known for its stone built and cave temple architectures (Tanjore for Cholas and Mahabalipuram for Pallavas, Belur and Halebid for Hoysalas). The place where modern Hindu Temple Architecture is founded by constructing mixed styles of South Dravidian and North Indo-Nagara. Their mixed style of architecture is known as Vesara("Hybrid" in Sanskrit) style.  Along with Hindu deities, Jain thirthankaras and Buddha are also seen.

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This place should be visited with the little knowledge otherwise many things will missed out. Like I did :|